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[#187790] Written by: Coco [22/08/12, 00:37]
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“the inbetweeners” takes a comedic look at a group of teenagers navigating high school and charging
into adulthood the way everyone does…by taking one step forward and three steps back. whether
humiliating themselves in an effort to impress the girl of their dreams, or mercilessly mocking their
friend for driving a bright yellow clunker with a cassette player and one blue door, get ready to
embrace the “inbetween.”
[#187794] Written by: BoonesFerry [22/08/12, 01:58]
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[#187796] Written by: YezzMann [22/08/12, 03:49]
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as expected, this us remake can't hold a candle to the original. characters are too flat and too much like
their uk counterpart (will, simon), or just too different and not funny (stoner neil, headmaster). the
setting is a us high school, making the show just seem out of place. it's a bad remake, a remake that
should not be.

why does the us bother remaking great series, why???
[#187801] Written by: Frootov [22/08/12, 07:05]
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have to try this just to see how bad it is.
[#187802] Written by: Aikousha [22/08/12, 07:14]
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the previous posts practically say it all.
us remakes, compared to the original bbc/itv shows tend to suck at such a level, they should be used
as household cleaning appliances...
i have seen iirc exactly two shows that successfully made this transition, out of hundreds. and the
two that i wanted to succeed (doctor who and red dwarf) were the absolute worst failures. i
especially wanted doctor who, since at the time it was long cancelled by the bbc and there was no
hope for a continuation.

this just once again proves that a us remake is a very good reason to track down the original, and
watch it instead!
so, here you go:
[#187806] Written by: quosego [22/08/12, 10:56]
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wow this series is so bad compared to the uk version. simon is slightly okay. the others can be
replaced with doorknobs and no one would notice.

also are us high schools really that crap?
[#187810] Written by: couchapple [22/08/12, 12:31]
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Quote by aikousha

us remakes, compared to the original bbc/itv shows tend to suck at such a level, they should be used
as household cleaning appliances...
this just once again proves that a us remake is a very good reason to track down the original, and
watch it instead!

ever seen the us version of coupling? wow that was horrible and that is putting it mildly.....they
just don't get that you can't let american actors read the original script, just because it's both
"english" doesn't mean its the same......

but to be honest i think shameless (us) is pretty good
[#187816] Written by: crixis [22/08/12, 17:04]
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wow they didnt even bother writing a new story line. and most of the lines were the same as the orig.
why do all big american corps have to go and shit on the entire world? and why the fuck do all actors in
american tv either have to look like models or are just really fat and ugly? is there any realism in
american tv any more or is it all just about money? shits fucked.
[#187825] Written by: NoGod4Me [23/08/12, 02:21]
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shameless us is an excellent remake as was the office. can't think of many others though.
[#187826] Written by: BoonesFerry [23/08/12, 02:26]
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let's try not to shit too heavily on us television.
both the uk and us television have good shows and shit shows, whether they be original or remakes.
let's stay away from making broad sweeping statements about one country vs another.
it always ends badly.

[#187836] Written by: phish73 [23/08/12, 12:46]
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being human us is not a bad remake. i wonder how misfits us will turn out.
[#187838] Written by: Grinspoon [23/08/12, 13:21]
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first off, love the original.

i have to say, while this isn't any where as good. it isn't as terrible as people make out. i also honestly
i think it has some potential if it breaks free of the uk episodes. i enjoyed watching it. sure i was aware
many scenes were lesser versions. alterations in jokes were never for the better.

i shitted and raged on the office remake after the first episode. it slightly improved. then the second
season found itself, and bam great show. this is just too tied to the original.

one of the big flaws is, trying to combine the first two episodes. it's just under developed and rushed.
the whole will at the new school stuff was too brief. then the bunking off school, getting drunk, carlie
was just rushed. it just didn't work as well.

there are some issues with characters being slightly different. however i remember the rage against
the dwight character missing the point of gareth. yet that worked out well. so i will give them time.

i don't know, i just don't let the similarities annoy me. i actually some what enjoyed watching this. in a
way part of it was laughing at the stupid american take. the curiosity about what gets changed. i think
for people who can't seperate pre-existing ideas. the show needs to be it's own thing fast. i may be
unique as i don't give a shit about remakes of movies, crappy prequels and sequels ect. doesn't ruin
what i like. except for kingdom of the crystal skull. i could not rise above it for that, and have never
been able to sit back, relax and enjoy it.
[#187844] Written by: RichardJJ [23/08/12, 17:51]
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like the above poster i kind of feel like this could turn into a the office situation - the first season which was basically a
scene-for-scene reshoot fell very flat but the show found itself in the second season and turned out pretty well after that (i
won't go into my feelings about the latest seasons).
that said, i also agree with couchapple, in that it's really weird seeing characters from one culture reading scripts and jokes
written and set in a different culture.

i always wondered why remakes like this happen, too. is it that most us audiences would dismiss a british comedy out of
principle, or that they can't understand the accents? (an interesting adaptation to this problem was the way many of gerry
and sylvia anderson's shows (fireball xl-5, stingray, thunderbirds, etc.) had the characters speak in us accents despite
the shows being british-made).
[#188021] Written by: kinetix [28/08/12, 23:07]
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this is £#$*ing awful...
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